Spring 2020 is the longest and most gradual spring that I can recall since I began photographing wildflowers in 2009. This year, I took my first photograph (one of over six thousand) on March 20 and my last on May 18. During this time, I never traveled more than four-tenths of a mile for a picture. All of these photographs, 120 in total, were taken in the approximately 160 acres of woods across the street from my house. My ramblings were confined to 5 to 10 acres within that expanse.

Hepatica is my favorite flower and the one I photograph most. I think that is because of its variety and, after winter's absence of color, its being the first flower to appear. I also love bloodroot, the most ephemeral of the ephemerals, but it lacks the variety of hepatica, hence its second place finish. I actually do love all of the flowers and am thrilled to document their reemergence each year.

The photographs in this gallery are organized chronologically, starting with the most recent ones. Besides flower photographs, I have also included some shots to give viewers a sense of where these flowers grow. To see wildflowers from other seasons, please see my "WILDFLOWER" gallery. 


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